Hiring season happens in waves and January is one of the busiest months for recruiting. With updated budgets and sales forecasts, executives have a better idea of what they need and whether they can afford to hire new people for their teams.  

At the same time, candidates are ready to make a move. With January blues on the horizon and year-bonuses in the pocket, career changes are one of the most common New Years’ resolutions people make. As the year progresses, the size of the talent pool will decrease, slowly increasing as late summer returns.

Whether you are a medium-sized local or a large international company the always-raging war for talent is at its hottest at the beginning of the year. With 2020 just around the corner, everyone looking for talented new team members need to be ready to find and attract them before the field dries up again for a few months.  

Additionally, the time around New Year is a great time to set new goals for your company and what better way to achieve them than to recruit people who will bring innovative ideas to help drive your company forward. 

Here are things to prepare for the January rush. 


Make sure to create strong recruiting content

If you want to remain competitive in this time of year, your recruitment marketing, social selling and branding need to be at its best. Highly-visible content is one of the most effective ways to attract new talented team members.  

Brainstorm what makes your company unique and what unique selling points you are ready to bring to potential clients and candidates. Content that shows possible candidates why working for your company is interesting, great for their careers, and/or well-suited for them e.g. Interview people in different departments, showcase what projects they tackle and how they have developed both personally and professionally at your company. 

To prepare for tomorrow and to become an employer of choice for the new generation, make sure to show that your company is eager to engage their curiosity and ready to let them be a part of the solutions and make a difference. Show how you will utilize and appreciate their unique skills and abilities.


Use evidence-based personality assessments

The use of evidence-based personality assessments will allow you to effectively predict future consistent performance – the measure of how quickly candidates are able to meet and sustain a required level of performance. 

The key to predicting this is the Big 5 Model, which is a widely-respected, evidence-based model that uses five core dimensions of a person’s psyche or personality to evaluate how they would fit into a role. The Big 5 Model takes into account: 

  • Neuroticism (or Need for Stability): the tendency to experience emotions like anger, anxiety, or vulnerability and a desire for stability
  • Extraversion: the tendency to be energetic, positive, and sociable
  • Openness (or Originality): the tendency to appreciate new experiences, be imaginative, and strive for self-actualization
  • Agreeableness (or Accommodation): the tendency to be cooperative, compassionate, trusting and well-tempered
  • Contentiousness (or Consolidation): the tendency to be organized, dependable and consistent

When a candidate is evaluated for these traits, the Big 5 Model provides unbiased insight on their suitability for a position, making it a critical inclusion in any recruitment process. 


A modern applicant tracking system

Using a modern and flexible software will give you a positive advantage in recruitment processes. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a piece of software that will assist companies with human resources, recruitment, and hiring needs. These systems are primarily used to help companies organize and navigate large numbers of applicants. HUCAMA’s applicant tracking system and recruiting software is designed to help make any company regardless of size and industry great at hiring, improving the process from hiring managers and recruiters to candidates themselves. Remember that hiring new people is a major investment and if you do not take the time to prepare and do it right, you could end up wasting time and money. Invest in your recruitment strategy and make sure it is well-thought out and planned from the beginning. 

Hit the ground running this year making sure you are ready to find, attract and retain the next top talented team members in your company. HUCAMA can help you recruit and welcome your next team member! Contact us now to put the groundwork in place and be ready to kickstart 2020 productively. 


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