Sylvain Rochon interviewed HUCAMA Chief Psychologist Dr Rainer Kurz. You can read the transcript and watch the video “Dr. Rainer Kurz – The Psychology of Human Capital Management” from CykoMetrix here:

Last week Dr Kurz contributed as a member of the International Test Commission (ITC) Council to a meeting in preparation of the next ITC Conference in Granada 2 – 5 July 2024:

Rainer Kurz and Michele Guarini are due to present a range of contributions at the EAWOP Congress taking place 24-27 May in Katowice, Poland:

They will both present in a symposium ‘The Great 8 Success Factors in the World of Work: Past, Present and Future’ convened by Rainer Kurz. Rainer authored with Nikita Mikhailov ‘Mapping NEO IPIP Facets and Great 8 Competencies on the Periodic Table of Personality’ and with Nailah Moussa ‘Predicting Competency from Personality and Ability Assessments: A Multicultural Case Study’. Michele authored with Ben Vernazza ‘Success Factors underpinning the Primary Colours of Leadership’.

Rainer will also present in a symposium ‘Faking in assessments of personality and competencies: Current advances in prevention and correction methods’ convened by Gerianne de Klerk on ‘Normative and Ipsatised Measurement of the Great Eight Factors’.

A HUCAMA FACTORS Accreditation Workshop exclusively available to delegates of the EAWOP Congress is scheduled for 24th May 2023:


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