Ability Assessments

General Mental Ability (GMA) predicts success. 

Academic research (e.g. Hunter & Hunter, 1984; Salgado et al., 2003) shows that General Mental Ability (GMA) is the single best predictor of training success and job performance. The HUCAMA Reasoning Factor test measures GMA through three components:


  • Diagrammatic Matrices
  • Number Series
  • Spatial Reasoning

HUCAMA Reasoning Factor key features:

1. Fast, efficient assessment

Each component test features 20 items to be completed in 8 minutes resulting in a robust measurement with a 24-minutes total testing time. In recruitment settings the measure can be split into two parts: Part 1 (12 minutes) can be used to ‘screen out’ unsuitable applicants early in the recruitment process whereas Part 2 (12 minutes) can be used to verify unsupervised test results at a later stage and ‘select in’.

2. Universal assessment free of cultural bias

All items are entirely language-free so that language proficiency and culture effects are minimal. Items use well-proven formats and gradually increase in difficulty.

The test is suitable for universal application across all roles and compares everyone fairly.

3. Suitable for international application

International educational qualifications are difficult to compare. HUCAMA Reasoning Factor enables international comparison against a common benchmark.

4. Speed and accuracy sub-scores

Number of questions attempted, and proportion of correct answers are compiled into speed and accuracy measures to transparently represent how an individual has approached the assessment and enhance interpretation as well as feedback.

5. Custom test versions

On request alternative test versions can be configured or developed to suit client needs.


Users get access to a web-based system for test administration. To become an accredited user, you need to attend HUCAMA certification training or supply evidence of comparable expertise.

Among HUCAMA certified test users you find Recruitment firms, HR Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Coaches, Leadership Consultants etc.

Alternatively, you can have a HUCAMA consultant or an accredited user at a HUCAMA partner execute the assessment and feedback session.

HUCAMA Reasoning Factor key features:

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