A competency-centric HR approach supports the integration of human resource with business planning by allowing organizations to assess the current human resource capacity based on their competencies against the capacity needed to achieve the vision, mission and business goals of the organization.

When organizations link human resource processes to desired competencies, they are given the opportunity to shape the capabilities of its workforce and achieve better results. This gives the organization the possibility to build ongoing here-and-now descriptions of the overall knowledge capital and skills portfolio of its workforce.

Working with this information the organization will be able to assign, assessing, and tracking the knowledge, skills, and experience required to meet certain criterions aligned with the organizational strategies and priorities together with the opportunity to:

  • understand the key roles that drive the organization and business goals
  • eliminate competency gaps among individuals and groups in a project, job role or enterprise strategy been selected

Let’s have a look at use of competency management in organizations.

Recruitment and selection

Competency-based recruitment and selection approaches rely on evidence-based assessments that are designed to help prospective employers and recruiters strategically determine the behaviors, knowledge, and motivations required to achieve certain objectives related to any given job position. These assessments tools will secure that biases from one candidate to another is eliminated which allows employers and recruiters to make a fair and carefully considered decision as they are able to ‘pursue detailed information’ because they have a set list of competencies to be looking for.

Putting competencies in place will give a unique opportunity to get to know potential candidates on a more personal level before allowing them to move further into the selection/hiring process. It will lower employee turnover as the candidate is hired because he/she is a ‘fit’ who know how to take on their new role.


Performance, training and development

Competency Management is critical for assessing employee performance and are used to ensure that performance reviews do not simply focus on outcome but also take into account the behavioral aspects of how the work is carried out – which determine those outcomes. In other words, a focus on developing the behaviors – the competencies – that are essential for developing employees as the best player in their roles. This is why assessing competencies as a part of performance management is an important means of assisting employees in understanding performance expectations and enhancing competencies.

By utilizing competency management, you will be able to identify opportunities for training and development. At the same time employees will know exactly what they are good at and which competencies to develop to help both them and the company to grow and reach (business) goals.


Succession planning

Succession planning has the greatest impact when it is part of an overall competency management plan. Planning and competencies must go hand in hand. By identifying the competencies that are essential in a given job board member and other management teams will have knowledge that indicates what separate the best performers from the average performers across the same roles.

Implementing competencies in the process of replacing key people in as little time as possible, organizations will be able to link and align the organization’s core competencies (strategic strengths) to job competencies, define high potentials, clarify present and future competencies and create multi-rater assessments tailored to corporate culture.


A competency-centric HR approach

Competency Management is the process of cataloging, managing and developing the skill set of employees. At HUCAMA, we have developed a proprietary scientific and evidence-based competency management system. We have predictors of success based on the Big Five Personality Traits and measure performance with our 360-evaluation system. The Competency framework ensures synergy between all the company’s HR processes and links via our validation tools to business predictors to ensure sustainable performance and organizations.



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