Hucama Factors

HUCAMA FACTORS® assessments are great predictors of future job performance.

Factors is a comprehensive tool set that covers the ground of the academically leading Big 5 Personality model and the Great 8 Competencies.

The PAC-model combines our unique Great 8 Personality, Ability and Competency assessments. Personality and ability variables are drivers of potential and performance. The authors of HUCAMA FACTORS® are Chief Psychologist Dr. Rainer Kurz and CEO Michele Guarini. The Model was unveiled at The Psychometric Forum in November 2020.

HUCAMA FACTORS® integrates leading science and practice in personality, ability and competency assessment to power interventions across the employee life cycle.

Dr. Reiner Kurz



HUCAMA FACTORS® is the ideal coaching and conversation starter – an attractive system to unlock and develop personality, competence, self-awareness and motivation.

Personality is central to how we behave, and perform at the workplace. Abilities underpin learning and critical thinking at work.

Personality and Ability Factors can be used to evaluate both your current employees as well as applicants in order to identify potential. Competency Factors is used to gather 360 feedback and develop performance. Our test suite HUCAMA FACTORS® is ideal for recruiters but also provides tools for companies to identify and develop top performers in their existing workforce.



(PF16, PF32, PF48)


(PF16, PF32, PF48)


(PF16, PF32, PF48)

Scalable and flexible

HUCAMA FACTORS® is a super flexible and easy-touse system that allows you to scale the solution for a perfect match across all levels in your organisation – wIth added sophistication for expert users. Scalable for general, professional and executive level.


Personality Factors (PF48) & Competency Factors (CF48)

Personality Factors (PF32) & Competency Factors (CF32)

Personality Factors (PF16) & Competency Factors (CF16)

  • Assessment solutions across all levels and job roles.
  • Enables interviewers to assess existing performance as well as predict future job performance.
  • Sophisticated in-depth reporting of potential and performance.
  • Integrates Great 8 competencies.
  • Integrates Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & derailment risk.
  • Available in multiple languages, online, 24/7.

Potential assessment

Beyond the Big 5

HUCAMA proudly presents the Great 8 

The Great 8 Success Factors

Our tools make use of the Great 8, which is a compre hensive assess ment model that goes beyond the aca demically leading Big Five. Personality Factors features 48 underlying facets that measure the Great 8 which in turn form four quadrants. General, Professional and Executive Assessment Solutions operate with 16, 32 or 48 facets which makes the suite both scaleable and very accurate. 

Emotional Intelligence

We experience an increased need to measure emotional aspects from companies and organisations all over the world. We operate with up to 48 personality facets – far more dimensions than any other assessment in the market. 20 of the 48 facets in the Personality Factors deal with emotional aspects. Thereby we can finally meet the growing need for emotional intelligence assessment as an integral part of our HUCAMA FACTORS® suite. 


Our model was developed from the Big 5 together with decades of global research by Chief Psychologist, Dr. Rainer Kurz at HUCAMA Analytics. It is continuously being developed and validated which secures a scientific, reliable and data-driven approach. Our validity track record is already impressive for the General Assessment Solution powered by 16 facets. Scale up to 32 or 48 facets for even more detail and precision. 

Prediction of Performance

Personality questionnaires and ability tests assess dispositional characteristics that are fairly stable, underpin how people behave, and thus enable prediction of performance components through competencies.
In recruitment settings we can use personality and ability measures to predict performance. 

A modern online personality assessment range: 80 questions in 10 minutes get you started in identifying potential and personal motivation. Use an extended version with 160 questions in 20 minutes or the full version with 240 questions in 30 minutes to broaden coverage.

Performance assessment

Strong benchmarking

We help you measure and track your employee’s performance. HUCAMA Development Tracker is our online 360-feedback system measuring employee performance focused on specified development areas. It is designed to be integrated with your regular development and training activities. In short, it is the answer to HR’s basic ROI needs. 

Job Factors

Job Factors is the ultimate assessment tool for a great job-match. By combining performance data with personality assessment data it selects six to ten competencies essential for successfully fulfilling the job in question. The HUCAMA job profiling tool includes an online questionnaire of 48 questions and collects the role requirement assessments from multiple stakeholders such as job holders, colleagues, managers, employees and customers.

Stability + Plasticity = Growth

The HUCAMA FACTORS ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK equally covers stability and plasticity meta-factors which jointly underpin growth, and balances people and task concerns. 


Personality assessments measure characteristics that predict performance and future potential in a specific job. 


Cognitive ability assessments are robust tools that reveal an individual’s reasoning, logic, and ability to work with information and can accurately predict potential for success.


Match and select the ideal employee for every role. Our online solutions offer you a good insight into specific qualities, competencies and development potential.

HUCAMA Factors

Validation Study

The questionnaires can be completed in Danish, English, French, German, Swedish and Spanish. Research participants will receive a detailed computer-generated report describing their personality.

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