Competency Assessments

HUCAMA offers a range of competency assessment solutions including competency feedback and competency profiling tools.

What are the drivers of performance?

To drive performance, we need to understand the components of performance. HUCAMA competency assessment tools cover the ground of the Great 8 competencies (Kurz & Bartram, 2002), a well-validated and internationally researched model of performance, through assessment solutions that work across the employee life cycle from recruitment and selection through development and redeployment.


Competency feedback

HUCAMA feedback tools for entry-level, professional, and executive roles cover people and task aspects equally, Alternatively, bespoke versions can be configured that draw on the HUCAMA competency library or client models.


Competency profiling

HUCAMA job profiling tools include online questionnaires to efficiently gather role requirements from multiple stakeholder perspectives, and card decks that can be used interactively. Stability and growth aspects of roles are covered equally.

To become a user who can buy assessments for independent use, you need to attend a certification training (Workplace Psychology) or a short transfer webinar if you are an experienced test user. Among HUCAMA certified test users you find Recruitment firms, HR Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Coaches, Leadership Consultants etc.


Alternatively, you can have a HUCAMA consultant or an accredited user at a HUCAMA partner execute the assessment and feedback session.

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