Two of your roles as a member of the HR team are to identify greatness among your current employees and potential candidates and to optimize leadership development in your organization.  As you probably already know, building leaders is not an easy task. 

There are, however, several things your HR team can do to develop a culture of leadership within your workplace. Below is a look at some steps you can take today to start improving leadership over the next 24 hours. 


Identify Top Talent Candidates

How confident are you in your quality of your hiring decisions? The first step to building a leaderships culture is to hire job candidates that already have vital leadership skills. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify these soft skills, such as communication and decision-making skills, from a resume, CV, or even an interview. 

The good news is that new technology and scientific research provides a way to evaluate these crucial skills through the use of pre-hire assessment tests. Integrating these assessments into your hiring process will allow you to hire those candidates that are most likely to display the leadership skills your company needs. 


Identify Top Talent in Your Workforce

While bringing in top talent is a very important step, the chances are that there are already several top talented employees already working for you. The trick for any HR team is to identify which employees would make great leaders. Most companies put a lot of weight on performance reviews and recommendation for managers and supervisors. 

This method can be effective some of the time, but managers and supervisors can also be bias when it comes to making recommendations. This means that you may be missing out on some of the most talented employees in your workforce. Just as with prospective job applicants, employment assessment tests can be used to identify specific traits with your current workers. These tests are easy to administer, once trained, and they offer an accurate look at your current employees’ leadership abilities. 


Staff Development

Once you have identified both prospective applicants and current employees that have a strong likelihood to advance as leaders within the company, you must invest in staff development. Employee training, workshops, and mentorships can all go a long way in building leadership skills among your staff. While a leader cannot be built in just 24 hours, the small steps you take today will go a long way in building a leadership culture in your organization that will last for years to come. 

This type of culture encourages managers and supervisors to look for high-quality employees within your workforce to make sure no hidden talent goes unnoticed. Transforming your great employees into true leaders also allows them to work up to their true potential. 

Developing strong leaders within the workplace is one of the most important things needed to secure continued growth for the company. In fact, promoting the wrong staff to leadership positions or failing to provide a process for continuous staff development can spell disaster for a company. It can lead to higher turnover rates, lower productivity rates, and reduced employee satisfaction. 


HUCAMA can help by providing the tools you need to identify top talent among your current workforce and potential new hires. HUCAMA offers customized employment tests that allow you to efficiently and accurately assess anyone’s leadership skills. In addition, HUCAMA will teach your HR team how to administer employment assessments and to analysis their results in order to make sound hiring and promoting decisions. This type of training will enable your HR team to identify leadership quality among your team to ensure that no high quality employee or candidate is overlooked. 

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