Organizational agility and talent management

Measure organisational agility

By pinpointing key business drivers, you can learn how and where to allocate resources more effectively.

Knowing where to focus resources in your business is not easy, nor is it simple. Without the right tools and know-how. HUCAMA’s portfolio of HR analytics tools will help you understand the risk of your organisation better and help you to invest intelligently in recruitment, incentive structuring, and talent management and development by:

  • Identify what realy counts with our Key Competency Indentificator
  • Cutting edge tools to measure Organisational KPI
  • Make sure that you have enough knowledge to make the right interventions that will keep your organiation fit to meet strategic challanges.

These analytical tools will help you:

  • Set clearly defined and measureable objectives
  • Identify the most efficient behavioral qualities across business areas
  • Benchmark organizational performance internally and cross-industry
  • By using these tools, you can keep your organization fit and agile, and ultimately see the positive effects on your bottom line.

Read more about our tools:

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

With Social Network Analysis (SNA) you can measure the agility of the organization

Key Competency Identifier

Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization using predictive analytic

Development Tracker 

Development Tracker measures employee performance with 100% individualized items focused on specified development areas

Assessment center 

Assessment/Development Centers are suitable for recruitment, development, restructuring, Talent Management and succession planning.

Exit questionnaires

Get a lean and professional process to handle exit interviews in your organization.