The latest BPS update email announced a range of workshops on Tuesday 11th January 2022 before the opening ceremony for the EAWOP Congress in Glasgow.

Together with HUCAMA CEO Michele Guarini I will be delivering WSFD05:

HUCAMA Factors

Personality, Ability, and Competency Assessment Accreditation

The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  •  obtain HUCAMA Factors accreditation
  • learn about contemporary perspectives on personality, ability, and competency as well as the interplay between them
  • explore the impact of normative and ipsatised measurement, granularity of construct hierarchies, and the nature of related constructs such as emotional intelligence and learning agility

This workshop is aimed at experienced psychometric test users who want to discover more about this new tool suite. Delegates will be expected to share their own report in small group breakout activities and to engage with the learning process.

HUCAMA Factors integrates leading science and practice in personality, ability, and competency assessment to power interventions across the employee life cycle. Unveiled by Dr Rainer Kurz at The Psychometric Forum in November 2020, it is a comprehensive tool set that covers the ground of the academically leading Big 5 personality factors model and the Great 8 Competencies.

The workshop will include an overview of the HUCAMA model and the research behind it, followed by a walkthrough of samples of each report type and facilitated small group discussions based on participants’ own reports.

Please note that some pre-work is required for this workshop (circa 2 hours 30 mins to complete various assessments online) and further course work for those not already certified at EFPA level 2 or BPS Test User (Occupational).

We are currently conducting a validation study so if you are curious about this new wave of assessments, or thinking about changing the shape of your assessment dimensions to indicate occupational personality please self-register here:

·      HUCAMA Personality Factors takes about 30 minutes.

·      HUCAMA Competency Factors takes about 6 minutes.

Optionally, participants can nominate external raters to provide feedback on their work style.

Following completion, participants can download a freebie Personal Report covering 48 facets grouped into 8 factors.

We are running Transfer Accreditation workshops on the 1st Thursday of each month. From October to December 2021 the workshop fee of £600 (excluding VAT) is waived for participants of the validation study who:

1.    complete all three tools (personality, ability & competency assessment)

2.    receive at least 2 external rating completions prior to the workshop

3.    endeavour to complete 3 free practice assessments by the end of 2021

This study and the workshop offer close 30th November 2021.

Please contact me for further information and to discuss your needs.

Dr Rainer H. Kurz

R&D Psychologist

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