We work with the best 

… and rethink the traditional understanding of how people create results. 

HUCAMA uses people related analytics like pre-employment assessment tests to identify the relationship between employee behavior and top performing jobs in your organization. We’ll identify the small number of behaviors that govern a crucial part of success in specific jobs.

Get the evidence you need to make the right match of employees and leading competencies to maintain a top performing organization.



New Normal

Organizational goals are moving targets and you need to be flexible and continuously adjust organizational behavior, competencies, and development.

Data Driven

We believe you can control and develop your organization by using validated data about successful behaviors based on what your organization does best.


We believe that there is a need for transforming complex information into strait forward decision making that improve your business

People Matters

We believe that the right match between people’s personality, competences and the strategy is crucial for a company’s continued success

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