Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Who has the real power in your organisation?

By analysing how individuals communicate with each other in a team you can identify informal leaders and track inefficiency. With the analysis tool HUCAMA SNA (Social Network Analysis) you get fast and cost effective decision support, based on evidence. It can be a good platform for Talent Management, Succession Planning and development initiatives. It is also ideal for companies who are involved in mergers and aquisitions.

The main reason one choose to perform a Network Analysis is to reach improved efficiency within the organization. An SNA can be a good starting point on the way to build a high performance team.

The analysis is based on all team members answering questions regarding who one communicate with and how often. HUCAMA tailor make an online questionnaire that takes approx. 3-5 minutes to fill out. The resultat is presented in a flow scheme where the communication flow can be followed from individual to individual regarding questions like:

– Who do you contact before you take an important decision?
– With you do you discuss business opprtunities and how often?
– With who do you discuss questions of more private charachter?

Questions vary a lot since they are tailor made in line with project goals and purposes.

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