Development Tracker

A straight way to successful development 

How can an organisation make sure employees reach development goals set by HR and line managers? In day to day work the time spent on personal development is limited. Very often the sole and only feedback received by employees is given by yearly appraisals. For people to perform according to business goals, however, there is often a need to change how people behave. But behavioral Changes can only be achieved when development goals become part of the overall workplace environment. The Development Tracker gives you a smooth and simple process where key performance elements are empirically tracked and developed on a daily basis. 

Powerful tool – multiple use

Development Tracker is an online feedback system measuring employee performance with items focused on specified development areas. With multi-milestone measures to track and facilitate actual development it is a powerful tool that has many uses:

  • Monitor coaching processes or mentoring and enhance goal achievements.
  • Pursue the results of appraisal talks.
  • Complement classical 360 Degree-feedback ensuring precise follow-up improvement.
  • Enable confident employees to run their own development processes.
  • Evaluate seminars by measuring their real impact.


The answer to HR’s basic ROI needs

Development Tracker enables tracking progress on all your intervention, development plans, and organizational change. It is designed to be integrated with your regular development and training activities. Since the questionnaire is answered by stakeholders who are actually affected by the performance elements in question it is likely to have a direct positive effect on the development process. In a very simple and precise way Development Tracker is the answer to HR’s basic ROI needs.

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