Reflector Big Five Personality Test

Make the most of employees’ strengths

Most oftenly it’s a personality that gives us trouble, not the work tasks. 50% of the behaviours we display in the workplace are based on our personality By the use of personality questionaires in selection and development processes you avoid bad recruitment and inefficiencey.

HUCAMA offers you a modern tool for personality assessment, The Reflector Big Five Personality (Pi Company), baserad on leading research (Big Five). Big Five or Five Factor Model (FFM) is a model used to measure personality from five foundational dimensions:

  • Need for Stability
  • Extraversion
  • Openness
  • Accomodation
  • Conscientiousness

The Reflector Big Five Personality questionnaire consists of 144 questions and takes 20 minutes to answer. A pedagogical report with personality profile and competency match makes the result easy to understand and use in feedback situations. The questionnaire is available in 24 languages and is totally online based. User get access to a web based system for test administration.

To become user you need to attend a 3 day long certification training (Workplace Psychology). Among HUCAMA certified test users you find Recruitment firms, HR Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Coaches, Leadership Consulants etc.

You can also buy separate tests and have a HUCAMAs consultant execute the assessment and feedback session.


Download a free test report to see more:


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