Key Competency Identifier

What are your unique success factors?

Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization with HUCAMA testsystem KCI 2.0 and get fast and reliable indicatiors for the elements that drive your organization’s effectiveness. KCI 2.0 is a lean and effective decision making tool.


Reliable information on the agility of your organization

Fast information on the key business drivers in your current or future business reality.
When you want to effectively allocate resources i.e. incentives, development and recruitment

As a consequence of the fact that the competitive significance of the way companies organize and manage their people resources and how they cooperate has increased considerably over the last decades,

HUCAMA believe that there is a need for identifying, defining and validating KEY performance indicators and that continuously monitoring the driving forces of the company is a must to stay agile and competitive. It gives management an overview and also an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.

Naturally it also enables management to realize where they may need to develop and strengthen the human organization – and thereby also strengthen the company’s competitiveness.

  • The KCI 2.0 is an online tool that will allow you to get valid decision data in less than a day
  • The KCI 2.0 statistical module will allow you to make evidence based decisions.
  • The KCI 2.0 will work in combination with any competency framework.
  • The KCI 2.0 can be customized to any organization look and feel.



Predicting future consistent performance: a HR handbook

9 out of 10 companies don’t know which behaviours contribute to success for the business and just as many don’t know how to solve this problem.

For this reason HUCAMA has developed a fast and cost effective predictive analytics tool that, within a couple of days, gives you information on the 3-4 behaviors that account for up to 70% of your business success for a specific job role.  And all this is done without time consuming meetings and complex processes. The model is lean, smart and simple.

A natural next step for many clients is to customize a big five personality test that can predict these behaviour for use in selection, recruitment and development.

Download a copy of our free HR Essentials Handbook where we discuss a specific case study on call centres and the ability to predict future performance tied to personality.


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