Intelligence Test

Intelligence testing is about risk aversion

You run 20% less risk in the selection process when you measure cognitive skills compared to a selection process based solely on interviews). Ability or cognitive skills is the best way to predict success in work life.

HUCAMA offers a culture and language independent test to measure general intelligence (g-factor), Connector Ability (Pi Company). The test is online based and consists of three different parts that altogether takes 1 hour to fill out:

  • Series of Figures
  • Ravens matrixes
  • Series of Numbers


An few advantages explained


1. Fast, efficient selection

The adaptive nature of the test means that the level of the test is altered to suit the candidate. The level of each question depends on the answer to the previous one. This means that each candidate is presented with a unique set of questions. The items are precisely challenging enough for each candidate: not too difficult and not too easy.

2. Selection free of cultural bias

Because language and culture have no relevant effect on the result of the test, it is suitable for universal application. What is more, it makes it possible to compare everyone fairly.

3. Suitable for international application

International diplomas are often difficult to compare. Connector Ability makes it possible to compare international candidates both professionally and against one and the same benchmark. That enables the right candidates to actually be selected.


Users get access to a web based system for test administration. To become user you need to attend our certification training. To use the Ability Test it’s enough with a 1/2-day training.

Among HUCAMA certified test users you find Recruitment firms, HR Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Coaches, Leadership Consulants etc.

You can also buy separate tests and have a HUCAMAs consultant execute the assessment and feedback session.


Download a free Connector Ability test report to see more:

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