Individual Assessments

Individual Assessments use online assessments and interactive methods to objectively evaluate individuals.

An objectively comparable candidate assessment

Individual Assessments are suitable for recruitment, development, restructuring, Talent Management and succession planning. Some of the most common purposes are trainee recruitment and leadership development. Personality, ability and competency assessments tend to form the backbone of individual assessment processes. In-tray and presentation exercises simulate work tasks and situations. Interviews can explore competencies, preferences and motivation. A detailed report that documents strengths and development areas is compiled and fed back to commissioning clients and/or participants.

HUCAMA can execute Individual Assessments internationally through a global network of assessment consultants.

Personality Factors, one of the most comprehensive personality assessments in the world, consists of 240 questions and takes 35 minutes to answer (shorter versions are also available on request). A comprehensive report covers 48 personality facets and competency match predictions that make the result easy to understand and use in interview and feedback situations. The online questionnaire is available in multiple languages including Danish, English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Accredited users get access to a web-based dashboard system for test administration and report generation.

To become a user who can buy assessments for independent use, you need to attend a certification training (Workplace Psychology) or a short transfer webinar if you are an experienced test user. Among HUCAMA certified test users you find Recruitment firms, HR Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Coaches, Leadership Consultants etc.

Alternatively, you can have a HUCAMA consultant or an accredited user at a HUCAMA partner execute the assessment and feedback session

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