Humanistic Leadership

Humanistic leadership is about becoming an inspirational lighthouse for employees and the rest of the business organization. It requires leaders who are capable of moving into the future with wisdom and creativity in order to imagine what is needed.

The education is starting out mid-February 2020 in Copenhagen.

Humanistic Leadership

We are offering the educational program ‘Humanistic Leadership’. The program will prepare and strengthen individual leadership skills focusing on the ability to overcome the challenges given by traditional mindsets.  

The educational program ‘Humanistic Leadership’ is divided into 7 session and can be carried out in 8 months. The program is finalized with an oral examination.

We will provide each student with a transformational growth process from having a closed view on constrains to become an inspirational leader who sees significant growth potential in new ideas and business endeavor. We will guarantee an individual learning process, emphasizing the transformational mindset with a tailored program.

The teaching is carried out in English.


Copenhagen Coaching Center (CCC) is co-owned by HUCAMA.

HUCAMA CCC provides people with knowledge and methodologies that enables them to deliver coaching and leadership on the highest level. We strive to improve the quality of coaching and leadership.

We will guarantee an individual learning process, emphasizing the transformational mindset with a tailored program within the following subjects:

  • Personal assessment
  • Leadership Development,
  • Artistic Inspiration,
  • Applied Psychology
  • Applied Philosophy
  • Business Development

The idea of this leadership education is to create a program that enables managers to develop their leadership skills further. The purpose is to convey a forceful personal and professional program that entitles managers to fulfil a balanced and clear understanding of leadership.

HUCAMA CCC are now frontrunners within the application of Philosophy and Psychology in leadership and business development. We work from the highest academic level with a practical approach and meet our customers with respect and dignity in order to support the personal and professional development of our students and clients. 

The dates in 2020 are:

1 day of individual assessment i February 2020

Module 1: February, 12-13

Module 2: March, 4–5

Module 3: April, 22-23

Module 4: May, 27-28

Module 5: August, 12-13

1 day of examination: September, 23



Blegdamsvej 104, 2nd floor.

DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


Michele Guarini

CEO Hucama

Phone: +45 31652121


Dr. (mult.) Morten Paustian

Associate Partner, CCC

Phone: +45 40136968


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