Workplace Psychology Certification

 The industry standard in the scientific analysis of behaviour in the workplace through proven psychometrics.

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Workplace Psychology Certification Training

The certification training in Workplace Psychology runs over 2 days plus and additional day and includes the Reflector Big Five Personality Test and the Connector Ability Cognitive Assessment. The training gives attendees the right to administer and interpret both personality and ability profiles and perform feedback sessions with candidates.

After the training participants recieve a certification diploma and then own the right to execute assessments, interpret reports and provide candidate feedback on their own.

The Reflector Big Five Personality Test and Connector Ability Cognitive Assessment live up to all quality criterias when it comes to validity and reliability.



When different experiments give you the same results, it is no longer subject to your opinion.  That's the good thing about science: it is true whether or not your believe in it.  That's why it works.

Neil deGrasse Tyson