Reflector Big Five Personality Test

Focus on behaviour in work situations.

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Make The Most of Employees' Strengths

Reflector Big Five Personality


How do you employ people to maximum advantage according to what they are good at and what suits them? Everyone has their own characteristic way of doing things that sets them apart from other people: their personality. It makes people demonstrate one type of behavior automatically and another type only seldom. Knowing who you are is important to be able to respond to issues you are confronted with; and likewise to be able to perform at work. The Reflector Big Five Personality helps to place the right person in the right place and keep them there. To enable employees to perform and develop to the best of their abilities.


Every employee must have command of a number of competencies to be able to perform well at work. Account managers, for example, need to be able to network well. This will be easier the more extravert the person is. It will then take less energy to network often and well. Introverts would have to invest a great deal of energy in networking, at the expense of the energy they could have invested in work that suits them better. Employees apply their energy as efficiently and effectively as possible when they are challenged to use competencies that suit their personalities. Energy is then converted into performance.


An awareness of which competencies suit a person’s personality well and less well forms the basis for a feasible plan. A decision can be made in conjunction with the manager or coach to place people where they can (mainly) use competencies they have already mastered or that could easily be developed further. The focus on other competencies would then be minimized or the person could be given assistance to compensate these, when such competencies were required. Besides this, career choices can be linked to what suits a person’s personality. A manager or coach can also put together teams based on the personality matches and differences as measured by the Reflector Big Five Personality: teams in which the members can make use of each other’s strengths and can provide support for each other’s weaknesses.


The Reflector Big Five Personality is a modern, online personality questionnaire that provides a complete picture of how an employee scores on the five most important personality characteristics on which people differ. Not only that, the Reflector Big Five Personality reports on all the underlying aspects of these five characteristics. The result is a detailed and accurate picture.