HR Analytics

Apply data mining and business analytics techniques to your Human Resources data

 Predicting Future Performance

Put HR In The Front Seat of Business


By pinpointing key business drivers, you can learn how and where to allocate resources more effectively.

HR Analytics can improve bottom line
Knowing where to focus resources in your business is not easy, nor is it simple. Without the right tools and know-how. HUCAMA’s portfolio of HR analytics tools will help you understand the risk of your organisation better and help you to invest intelligently in recruitment, incentive structuring, and talent management and development by:

  • Identify what realy counts with our Key Competency Indentificator
  • Cutting edge tools to measure Organisational KPI
  • Make sure that you have enough knowledge to make the right interventions that will keep your organiation fit to meet strategic challanges.

These analytical tools will help you:

  • Set clearly defined and measureable objectives
  • Identify the most efficient behavioral qualities across business areas
  • Benchmark organizational performance internally and cross-industry
  • By using these tools, you can keep your organization fit and agile, and ultimately see the positive effects on your bottom line.


An organization chart is a hierarchical “network” that displays reporting relationships and the key groups of activities

With Social Network Analysis (SNA) you can measure the agility of the organization. An organization chart is a hierarchical “network” that displays reporting relationships and the key groups of activities.

Much important work in organizations involves coordination of activities across the groups’ boundaries. Such coordination can’t always be commanded and may not be based on authority.

Instead, it is often based on voluntary and reciprocal relationships like trust, advice-seeking, knowledge-sharing, motivation, friendship, etc. Position in the formal hierarchy is a poor predictor of who is most influential in networks based on these relationships.

SNA helps leaders find the main connecting or bridging employees doing the most to connect, collaborate, and communicate across boundaries.



Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization with hucama testsystem KCI 2.0 and get fast and reliable indicatiors for the elements that drive your organization’s effectiveness. KCI 2.0 is a lean and effective decision making tool.

Reliable information on the agility of your organization.
Fast information on the key business drivers in yourcurrent or future business reality.
When you want to effectively allocate resources i.e. incentives, development and recruitment

As a consequence of the fact that the competitive significance of the way companies organize and manage their people resources and how they cooperate has increased considerably over the last decades,

HUCAMA believe that there is a need for identifying, defining and validating KEY performance indicators and that continuously monitoring the driving forces of the company is a must to stay agile and competitive. It gives management an overview and also an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.

Naturally it also enables management to realize where they may need to develop and strengthen the human organization – and thereby also strengthen the company’s competitiveness.

  • The KCI 2.0 is an online tool that will allow you to get valid decision data in less than a day
  • The KCI 2.0 statistical module will allow you to make evidence based decisions.
  • The KCI 2.0 will work in combination with any competency framework.
  • The KCI 2.0 can be customized to any organization look and feel.



To achieve your business goals and foster a strong corporate culture, your employees need to have a strong matrix of competencies.

Your organisation needs a flexible Competency Model to identify and articulate changes in order to develop new organisational capabilities.

Using consistent tools and a common language, you can build a strong culture and environment for business leaders to share talent information. You can breakdown HR silos and add value to the entire employee life circle.

Hucama promotes multiple levelled competency frameworks.