Reflector Big Five Personality Test

Insight Into The Development Potential

Get the most out of the human capital of your organization. A balanced and complete picture of the type of personality you need in the everyday work situation. Important insights into the development potential and for substantiated choices of personal development and career.

Reflector Big Five Personality

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Connector Ability

Candidate Selection Based On Intelligence Level

In a selection procedure, you want to make fast and reliable choices based on the general intelligence level of the candidates. Connector Ability, puts you in the position to select the suitable candidates, regardless of their cultural background or language.

Cognitive Ability Testing

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Reflector 360

Questionnaire For Well-Considered Development Choices

The Reflector 360 is an instrument employees can use to collect information about their behavior at work. Managers in many modern organisations lack the necessary information to give objective 360 degree feedback, situations in which employees’ development and growth are paramount.

360 Degree Feedback

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Key Competency Identifier

Unlock Key Competence

Measure and identify the key competencies of your organization with hucama testsystem KCI 2.0 and get fast and reliable indicatiors for the elements that drive your organization’s effectiveness. KCI 2.0 is a lean and effective decision making tool.

Key Competency Identifier

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Social Network Analysis

Measure Organizational Agility

Work in organizations involves coordination of activities across the groups’ boundaries. Such coordination can’t always be commanded and may not be based on authority. Get insights to work with the unformal layers and org. networks.

Organizational Agility | Social Network Analysis

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Comptency Based Interview Training

Kill the proverbial 'gut feeling'.  Practice objectivity.

A Competency Based Interview is fundamentally when an interviewer asks standardized questions based on a competency framework with predefined behaviors. The major purpose with the interview technique is to be able to judge the interview person objectively by asking for examples and thereby get evidence for the interview persons experience regarding work specific behaviors.

Competency Based Interview Technique

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Pre-Hire Screening and Sorting

Spend your time reviewing pre-qualified candidates

When you need help to handle volume recruitment, HUCAMA helps to manage from 50 to 1000's of candidates.  All that is needed is an evidence based competency profile and candidate names with email adresses.  The screening tool is tailor made with your unique evidence based success factors.

Candidate Screening and Sorting

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Workplace Psychology Certification Training

The benchmark and the first step towards performance optimization

The certification training in Workplace Psychology runs over 2 days and includes the Reflector Big Five Personality Test and the Connector Ability Intelligence Test.  The training gives you the right to adminster and interpret both personality and ability profiles and perform feedback sessions with candidates.  After the training participants recieve a certification diploma and then own the right to execute candidate feedback sessions on their own.

Workplace Psychology Certification Training

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How Does Intelligence Correlate To Hiring Success?

Learn more about intelligence and the so-called g-factor

Intelligence is often used as the benchmark for candidate selection, especially in the case of management and in decision making roles.  Learn more about from our Guide to Intelligence below:

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