Competency Workshop

Competency based job profiles

The competency workshop is a structured method to define the behaviors employees need to show within specific job roles.

The purpose of a competency workshop is to:

  • develop a competency based profile for use in selection and development
  • develop an understanding of “how good looks like”, what high performance means for the actual job role
  • reach a joint view between the goals of the job role and organizational KPI’s

The competency workshop results in a minimum of essential/critical competencies for the job role in question. When performing a competency workshop we take a standing point in a competency framework, based on research on behaviors that predict job related success.


Competency Framework – model

Organizations focus on managing employees to deliver maximum performance. To that end, managers make agreements with employees on WHAT is expected of them in terms of concrete results. HOW they should achieve these results is generally more or less left to the discretion of the employee him-/herself. This discretion refers in particular to the behaviours that are functional to achieve the agreed results. Such behaviours are commonly called ‘competencies’.


Competency Cards – tool

The HUCAMA Competency cards can be used to select the desired competencies. The cards consists of:


  • 6 Competency Areas – FACTORS
The general factors within the competency framework, the upper level of the hierarchy.
  • 43 Competencies – COMPETENCE (the actual, main competency cards) Competencies (set of behaviours) within each of the 6 competency areas.
  • 215 behavioural indicators – BEHAVIOUR
Behavioural indicators for each and every of the 43 competencies enabling clear definition of essential behaviours. These indicators are only required in the case of thorough work analysis and competency modelling.

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