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Which Are The Best Mobile Apps For Great Recruiting?


Talent acquisition is one of the most notable strategies for business success. We cannot dispute the fact that we are living in a digital era. More prospective employees are searching for opportunities on the web via their smartphones. This means that recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and HR professionals also need to incorporate digital technologies into their recruitment strategies. One of the ways of doing this is the use of mobile recruitment apps. The following are ten of the best mobile apps for recruiting.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter App

LinkedIn is an established network for professionals. The platform has an app that can help you source the best talent. LinkedIn Recruiter enables you to get in touch with a considerable pool of talented individuals. It similarly allows you to be updated about candidates’ profiles and qualifications that might be of interest to you. The app is available on iOS and Android. The app’s main talking point is its association with LinkedIn which is the world’s largest network for professionals.

2. Monster for Employers

Monster for Employers

This is a free app, which gives you limitless access to profiles for the purposes of reviewing them. When using it, you can easily manage job postings, and stay updated about candidates’ profiles. You can also conduct resume searches, share jobs with other recruiters, and contact qualified candidates via the app. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

3. InstaJob


This recruiting app has gained recognition since it allows you to take pictures and turn them into visual job ads on your smartphone. These pictures can then be easily shared on social media platforms. InstaJob gives prospective employees an insight into what it takes to work in your organization. This helps you pick individuals who match your job description.

4. Interviewer Assistant

Interviewer Assistant

This is a fantastic app which is suitable for interviewing and hiring new employees. When using it, you can organize, prepare, and structure your interviews. Besides this, there are pre-set interview questions that you may use. Its standout feature is the ability to create your personalized question templates, and the ability to keep track of multiple interviews concurrently.


5. SmartRecruiters


This is a talent acquisition platform that can help you optimize your recruitment activities. It covers the entire recruitment process. Its user interface allows you to scroll through candidates’ resumes. In addition, you can easily partner with your recruitment team to share feedback about specific candidates.

6. Recruiting News Feeds

CareerCloud is the brains behind this free recruiting app for iOS and Android. It’s gaining popularity for providing users with ready-made HR feeds, and talent management ideas. The podcast and sharing functionality of the app is also another impressive feature, which makes Recruiting News Feed a must have app for recruiters.

7. TheLadders Recruiter

TheLadders Recruiter

This app is only compatible with iOS devices. Nonetheless, it offers you a seamless platform for contacting and reviewing candidates’ applications. For you to access the application’s database, you must first open a free TheLadders account. Thereafter, you will have access to an unlimited pool of talented professionals for free.

8. Talent X-Ray

Talent X-Ray

This app is designed as a sourcing tool for recruiters.  For $2.99, you can leverage social networks to find candidates.  Using search engines like Bing it allows you to source candidates from LinkedIn, Twitter and G+.  it won't matter if you're an iOS or an Android user since it is accessible from either.

9. Workable


A powerful tool for recruiters: the Workable App hooks up to your ATS.  Keep track of your candidate details, upcoming interview, and manager feedback.  With both iOS and Android versions available, Workable has become exceedingly popular for its flexibility and low barrier to entry.

10. Rakuna

Rakuna App

When it comes to campus recruiting, Rakuna's Recruit App helps recruiters eliminate unnecessary paperwork.  Easily accessible data from anywhere, an intuitive user experience, and forward thinking support makes Rakuna the app of choice targeted at today's most populated demographic: millennials.


As a recruiter or talent manager, you are obliged to hire the right candidates whenever a vacancy appears in your organization. In this regard, you need to download and use mobile applications that are focused on helping you attain workplace productivity and efficiency. The ranks of recruiters who are using mobile apps to get in touch with potential employees are growing rapidly which explains why you need to join the bandwagon to find new talent that will drive your company forward.  Learn what you need to know before your next hire with our latest guide:

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