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Performance Management: Old systems do not work - some ideas for new ones


Breakfast seminar in Canada about meaningful performance management processes

We're happy to announce that Michele Guarini, HUCAMA Canada will be speaking at a breakfast seminar hosted by Nimbus HR Solutions - Organizer of New Trends in Performance Management, October 3rd. in Canada.  

Michele will present practical ideas on how to structure performance management and how to measure and identify key business drivers.

Furthermore, HUCAMA Canada is offering Part 1 in Introduction & Conversion Training in The Big Five after the breakfast seminar for the remainder of the day. 

The Reflector Big Five Personality is a modern, online personality questionnaire that provides a complete picture of how an employee scores on the five most important personality characteristics on which people differ. Not only that, the Reflector Big Five Personality reports on all the underlying aspects of these five characteristics. The result is a detailed and accurate picture.

Breakfast and networking start at 7:30!

Get more info and your ticket here!  

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