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Performance Management: Old systems do not work - some ideas for new ones


Breakfast seminar in Canada about meaningful performance management processes

We're happy to announce that Michele Guarini, HUCAMA Canada will be speaking at a breakfast seminar hosted by Nimbus HR Solutions - Organizer of New Trends in Performance Management, October 3rd. in Canada.  

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More than one personality assessment can be fruitful

Working in the world of Psychometrics sometimes makes me feel like a kid in a candy store – so much choice, so many colours.  Over the years I could see how brilliant Psychometric assessments can be in adding value to selection and development processes, if used properly of course.

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Talent beyond personality

Co-authored by Maria Bach, Consultant for HUCAMA Group

Understanding the meta-talent above personality 

We have previously written about a Carol Dweck’s research on mindset and her distinction between a “fixed” and a “growth” mindset and its influence on our motivation and achievement. The research has shown that people with a fixed mindset tend to become so concerned with being and looking talented that they never fulfill their potential.

In a study of students entering an elite university, Dweck and colleges found that students with a fixed mindset preferred to hide their deficiencies, rather than take an opportunity to remedy them – even when the deficiency put their future success at risk.

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What Can Talent Management do to Empower Leadership?

You probably have heard the famous William Shakespeare quote “Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Two of your roles as a member of the HR team are to identify greatness among your current employees and potential candidates and to optimize leadership development in your organization.  As you probably already know, building leaders is not an easy task.

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Why You Need To Get Organized To Motivate

Knowing the importance of personality will help you to improve business results.
Think about it.
We live in a changing world. How your job routine is structured today can be old-fashioned tomorrow. Technology evolves faster than most of us understand. And globalization forces us to think differently if we want to be a leader in our field.
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Which Are The Best Mobile Apps For Great Recruiting?


Talent acquisition is one of the most notable strategies for business success. We cannot dispute the fact that we are living in a digital era. More prospective employees are searching for opportunities on the web via their smartphones. This means that recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and HR professionals also need to incorporate digital technologies into their recruitment strategies. One of the ways of doing this is the use of mobile recruitment apps. The following are ten of the best mobile apps for recruiting.

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5 Cliches About Personality Tests You'll Love To Avoid

Personality tests are a very useful tool. They can tell you about a person’s inclinations, habits, the way they approach the world, what type of people they work best with, and jobs their skill sets naturally fit. Personality testing has become very popular in both business and in general. You may very well have taken a personality test in your free time simply out of curiosity.

It's very important, however, not to become over-reliant on personality profile testing and the associated results. With such testing being so common, cliches have arisen surrounding them as a predictive tool. Here are five, in particular, you should watch out for when using personality testing in a business setting.

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How to Get Hired in the Recruiting Industry

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you have great communication skills? Do you love making people’s dreams come true? If so, a career as a recruiter may be the ideal option for you. While the demand for HR staff across the board has seemed to drop slightly, the demand for recruiters is on the rise. This is great news if you are a recruiter or if you are planning a career shift into the recruiting industry.

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In the Talent War, Where is The Love For Recruiting?

The latest 2017 LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report sheds some light on the future of recruiting . Of the 4,000 corporate recruiters surveyed, 83 percent of them listed 'talent' as their company's top priority . Combine this with the fact that a majority of these same recruiters said that their projected hiring rate is increasing in 2017 and this all adds up to good news for recruiters . Right? Well...not exactly.
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"Your Assessments Make My Candidates Look Bad."

I've heard this before.  Several times, in fact.  Why is it alarming?  I'm glad you ask.  The statement is absurd.  Plain and simple.  I struggle with the idea that anyone would turn their back on candidate validation.  After all, candidate validation is something that is part of our society and culture.

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