Over 20 years of workplace psychology and recruitment experience

Welcome to HUCAMA – “The People Science Company”

We help organizations with recruitment and personal development. Organizations who believe that the unique competencies of each and everyone are essential for the organization.

Among others, we help managers, CEOs, HR managers, management developers, coaches with training and tools within the area of organizational psychology testing.

Everything we do is based on scientific and proven methods.


The right person at the right time

Our working field is applied organizational psychology and with more than 20 years of experience we will help you to reach your goals through our evidence based tools and processes. With our tools, you will find the behavior who is essential for the organization to reach its goals and visions.

Research-based recruitment and development made easy.



  • DATA DRIVEN – everything we do is based on evidence
  • PEOPLE FIRST – we put the people in the front
  • NEW NORMAL – what we do today will be standard tomorrow


Why working with HUCAMA

We believe the right behavior of your employees is essential for commitment, success and profitability. In the regard, HUCAMA has the knowledge, expertise and tools to help you manage your organization in the desired direction. Our online-based solutions are:

  • User Friendly
  • Cost saving
  • Customized


HUCAMA was founded in 2009. From the beginning HUCAMA have had its headquarter in Copenhagen, and today HUCAMA has offices in Sweden, Italy, Germany and Canada. Through our extensive consulting network and collaborations we can take care of and manage projects worldwide.