Training for Human Resources and Management teams

A united competency framework

All we do in HUCAMA is based on research on behaviour that governs high performance. To ease the work for recruiting managers, HR managers and recruitment consultants these behaviours are gathered in a framework of so-called “behavioural skills”, a description of behaviours that are required to success in a particular area, such as leadership or coaching.

The main reason for investing in a competency framework is to create a common language to share Talent Management information, as well as to create competence-based recruitment requirements profiles.

The competency framework describes key behaviours that are crucial in most professional roles. Based on extensive research where different competency models have been studied in organizations around the world, this competency framework will provide the user with a standardized approach that helps identify and develop critical skills.

Read more about our tools:

Training in workplace psychology 

The training gives the right to administer and interpret both personality and intelligence assessments

360 Degree Feedback Training  

The training gives the right to administer and interpret a competence-based 360 report

Competency Based Interview Techniques 

Be able to judge the candidate objectively by asking for specific examples regarding work specific behaviours.

Competency Workshop

The Competency Workshop is a method to define behaviours employees need to show, in order to be successful in specific roles